Welcome to our new website!

A huge ‘Thank You’ to Charlie at Badgerbytes (www.badgerbytes.com) for all his hard work and patience. Please take some time to browse the site and we welcome any feedback.

Well, what strange times we are living in. It is all about finding new ways of working and doing all the essentials of everyday life, whilst still keeping ourselves and others safe. Thankfully, we have been able to carry on with some of our work (though everything takes longer), using social distancing and taking huge care using hand sanitisers and wipes for all our equipment.

Anyone with a garden will be so grateful for the safe outdoor space. I know it has kept me as sane as possible. I did, however, manage to break the lawnmower, meaning that the grass has looked pretty wild since the end of May. This tied in nicely though with ‘No Mow May’, which was aimed at promoting wild flowers across our lawns for bees. The grass here has been positively buzzing there is so much clover and clover honey tastes wonderful. Thankfully, before the need to get sheep in, my mower will be back very soon, all thanks to Matthew and crew at South East Groundcare Machinery (www.segm.co.uk). I know what’s on our ‘To Do’ list for the weekend!

Over the next few weeks I will be introducing you to the development of our show site here at Featherstone. We have been here for just under two years now, but you will see some amazing changes! I look forward to sharing the story with you.

Keep safe and well,

Chrissie & David Granger


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